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Other publishing group holdings include BLUE541, a full-service marketing and PR agency in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The company produces Coeur d’Alene Magazine, showcasing the best of North Idaho lifestyles, travel, health and fine living. Quicksilver Studio offers commercial, portrait and wedding photography. Hagadone Media provides digital services. Hagadone Technologies provides software as a service solutions to the tourism and publishing markets.

With the advent of today's fast-paced digital markets becoming the standard platform, Hagadone Media Group and Hagadone Media & Creative have developed a foundational support system of artisans, strategists, and technologists to deliver simple, lean, and impactful brand, product, and marketing across the digital landscape.

Half a century of broadcasting brands to the world. Hagadone Media Group and Hagadone Media & Creative have grown their roots in the rich, ever-changing multi-channel media culture from the 1960s and 1970s. Our clients' marketing has changed over the last fifty years.

What began in the early 90s as an in-house agency for the nationally recognized Hagadone Corporation has evolved into a marketing powerhouse with a strong client roster in the areas of tourism, hospitality, real estate development, banking, natural resources, food marketing, and business-to-business.

BLUE541 is a full-service agency staffed by incredibly resourceful, talented people from all over the world. Our work appears throughout the U.S., our creativity has been nationally acclaimed and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Quicksilver Studios provides full video and photo production services including concept development, production, and post-production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Quicksilver Studios can write, produce, and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives. Whether you are shooting on location or at our studio, we take care of everything from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals of each client.

Hagadone Media and Creative Logo

Hagadone Media and Creative we are the messengers, doers and designers. We are the artisans that deliver the content, marketing ideas, analytics around your business and your brand. We are the constant that will always convey the message regardless of form or method within the marketing landscape. We are the weavers and builders across both print and digital marketing mediums. Whether we are building a visual story or combining words with elements and easily digestible graphics, we drive the message. We strive to build on a brighter future, built on multifaceted media delivery.

Hagadone Technologies

Hagadone Technologies is the newest start-up venture leveraging our highly experienced developers in desktop, web, and mobile development of software services for both publishing and hospitality markets. Hagadone Technologies is in a very unique development position since we are developing various software solutions for our own operating companies, giving us a platform to build highly functional feature rich software services that are state of the art and highly functional for our own business. Who better to develop productivity software for our industries than a company that uses what they build.